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We have been deem Essential! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I am collecting all the information that I can this week for the loans for Small Business. And I hope to have everyone a package Monday for everyone to get started on filing out several loans that I have came across these pass few days. It is going to be thick but don't be overwhelmed...we will get through this together. I promise!!!!

Over the weekend, I hope to also hope to have more information about those who need to file and those who don't need to file a tax return for the Stimulus Checks.

I know everyone has anxiety and don't know what is actually going on. To be honest with you...the government doesn't either...NEW THINGS ARE COMING OUT DAILY. Just be patience and pray! Thanks, Angela Stephens
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If you do you don’t file it on this tax return. You will file it on 2020 tax return.

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