Stephens’ Tax Office Pros is owned and operated by Angela M. Stephens. While working as a Tax Preparer for a few agencies, Angela saw that many people could benefit from professional, client-centered tax services. She decided to go into business giving value to clients by offering professional tax preparation at reasonable prices. In addition to working at the other agencies, Angela has worked in public accounting doing small business accounting, preparing tax returns and advising clients on tax matters. Angela has over 20 years of experience covering a broad range of tax matters. She has an Associates of Science Degree in General Studies and a Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting from Troy University. Angela has been in the business world since starting she started doing her father’s bookkeeping at the age of 14. She also has a history of working with and for small businesses to understands their concerns and needs.

Stephens’ Tax Office Pros is dedicated to helping you pay as little tax as possible while providing excellent service at a good price. I understand that your time is important, so I offer flexible services and hours to meet your needs. Your tax information can be submitted electronically through the client portal, email, or mailed to me. Clients can also drop off paperwork and pick it up when it is finished. Your tax information can also be submitted electronically or mailed to me. I believe you will find my rates are reasonable and lower than most other qualified tax services in town, especially the big guys. Check out our competition, many won’t even tell you their fees upfront. More importantly, you can ask for the rates up-front as part of my no-surprises service. I want you to know your total cost before you make your tax preparation decision.

Need more information, feel free to contact me. I am here to serve your tax needs. Give us a call and …
Thank you for considering Stephens’ Tax Office Pros!

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