Tax Organizer

This organizer is designed to assist and remind you of information that is needed to prepare your tax returns. The goal is to not overlook anything, so you can maximize your legal deductions, comply with government reporting requirements, and avoid problems with the IRS after the return is filed. Taxes are complicated, and the rules change constantly. Although care has been taking to accommodate most taxpayers, this organizer is not all inclusive. Please let us know if you have questions about items necessary to prepare your taxes.

Please review this list and provide all applicable information:

  • Your Driver’s License (including your spouse)
  • Your SSN (including your spouse and dependent children)
  • Last year’s federal and state tax returns (only necessary if you have depreciation)

Personal Information

  • Direct deposit of you refund (if any) – Please bring your bank account number and routing number (or a voided check)
  • Married during the year? Provide the date.
  • Divorced during the year? Provide the date.
  • Spouse or dependent died during the year? Provide the date.
  • Moved during the year? Provide the date.


For dependents, please provide the full name, date of birth, SSN (if I don’t already have it), relationship to you, and the number of months the dependent live in your home, for each dependent.

  • Child care expenses and provider information


  • Wages, salaries, and tips statements –   W-2 or 1099 MISC
  • Interest income – 1099-INT
  • Dividend information – 1099-DIV
  • Sale of stocks or bonds information – 1099-B
  • Foreign financial accounts or trusts
  • Sale of property – gain or loss information
  • Partnerships, S-Corps, Trusts, and Estates income – Schedule K-1
  • Self-employment or small business activity revenues and expenses (please call me if you have questions)
  • Rental income and expense information (please call me if you have questions)
  • Retirement income, annuity, and pension statements
  • Retirement account distributions
  • Social Security – SSA 1099
  • Unemployment – 1099-G
  • Workers’ compensation/loss of time payments
  • Disability income or Veterans benefits
  • State and local income tax refund amount – 1099-G
  • Lottery and Gambling winnings and losses information and Form W-2G
  • Records of your child’s income
  • Royalty information
  • Tips/gratuities (not reported on W-2)
  • Prizes/awards/lottery winnings
  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Alimony received
  • Records and information from any other forms of income

Potential Deduction and Credits

  • Medical, dental, vision expenses – including prescription drugs, lab tests, hearing aids, medical support services, and mileage for medical purposes. Medical expenses generally must exceed 10% of your income to qualify as an itemized deduction.
  • Charitable contributions (including mileage for volunteer work)
  • Non-business casualty and theft loss amounts
  • Estimated tax payments
  • State and local tax payments
  • Occupational licenses and fees
  • IRA contributions
  • Retirement account contributions (not reported on W-2)
  • Alimony paid
  • Energy-efficient improvements to your principal residence or purchase an electric plug-in vehicle, ONLY if Solar Power or Geothermal
  • Moving expenses if you moved for work, ONLY if Military

Only deductible to State 

  • Un-reimbursed employee travel, entertainment, and business expenses
  • Un-reimbursed mileage driven while at work (provide the odometer reading at beginning and end of year, total business miles, the vehicle year, make, model, and the amount paid for the vehicle)
  • Home office (provide the square footage of the office area, square footage of the home, date you acquired the home, cost of home or monthly rent, utilities paid, and insurance paid)
  • Mileage to your second job
  • Handicapped job expenses
  • Union & Professional dues
  • Investment interest expense
  • Tax preparation fees
  • Amounts spent on uniforms
  • Job hunting expenses (for the same line of work)

Education Related

  • Un-reimbursed educator expenses
  • Forms showing tuition payments for students – 1098-T
  • Student loan interest paid – 1098-E
  • 529 plan contributions
  • Scholarship or fellowships

Home Ownership

  • Home mortgage interest statement – 1098 Mortgage Interest (including home improvement loans, second mortgages, and mortgages on second residence)
  • Property taxes paid
  • If you sold your home, original purchase and sale information
  • First time home buyer repayment information

Household Employees

If you employed a person (not paid to a company) such as maids, nannies, care givers, or gardeners to perform services at your home, please bring the person’s name, address, tax ID/SSN, and the amount you paid for the year.

Health Insurance

Please let me know if you have health insurance through your employer, Medicare/Medicaid, employer provided retirement benefit, or the Marketplace. All individuals are required to have minimum essential health insurance coverage or pay a penalty on your tax return.

  • If you have Marketplace health insurance, please provide the 1095-A.
  • If you qualify for an exemption from health insurance coverage, you might need an Exemption Certificate Number. Please contact me.

Other Considerations

  • Were you notified by the IRS, state, or city of any change to any prior year tax return?
  • Did you live out of the country and earn income abroad last year?
  • Do you expect any significant changes in income or your tax liability in the coming year?
  • Did you receive any income from a source not listed above?
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